About Us



The Florida Alpha chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon was brought to the University of Florida in 1925 as the 63rd chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon nationally, and the 11th Fraternity at the University. Since that time our chapter has grown into one the largest and most prominent fraternities in the state of Florida. 

Historically, Florida Alpha has been one of if not, the largest fraternities at the University of Florida. Our chapter house, at 5 Fraternity Row, has been our home since 1955.  A complete renovation of the entire house is underway and we expect to occupy the "new" house in August of 2017.

Athletic excellence has been a point of pride for our chapter.  SigEp has won many President Cups in fraternity intramural championships. Brothers have been a part of club and varsity athletics with members on Club Lacrosse, Club Ice hockey, and Varsity Football.

SigEp's prominence on campus has been furthered by brother’s involvement in student organizations. A number of student body presidents hailed from our chapter. Many brothers have been inducted into the UF Hall of Fame.

Our Chapter went through a negative period in recent years. A period that we are not proud of. SigEp Headquarters, Florida Alpha Alumni and UF worked hard to insure that SigEp returns to the Florida Campus as the positive force in undergraduate's lives and, that it is better than ever. We returned in January 2016 and during the spring semester, 40 outstanding young men were recruited to restart the organization. 



SigEp revolutionized the fraternity movement in 1991 by unveiling the Balanced Man Program (BMP), a concept of single-tiered membership and continuous development that begins the day a brother joins.  SigEp believes the stereotypical fraternity experience does not fulfill the needs of today’s college male.  The BMP offers an experience focused on scholarship, leadership, professional development and life skills. Members learn to live their best lives through unique, rewarding programming tailored to fit their needs and prepare them for the journey of life ahead. |More