Interested in Joining?

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SigEp is looking for talented and driven leaders to continue to build a growing fraternity chapter. Membership in Sigma Phi Epsilon begins with the right intentions. Every brother of SigEp is challenged from the day they join to the day they graduate—challenged to be a better man, a better student, and a better leader.

Our Experience

Our mission is simple. We strive everyday to “Build Balanced Men.” We achieve this through a commitment to Sound Mind and Sound Body.

Our non-hazing continuous member development program, The Balanced Man Program, is designed to help our members reach their greatest potential. In order for this development to take place, members must have a desire to better themselves in all aspects of life. All of our members place significant value on the pursuit of obtaining a sound mind and sound body. This combination creates a community of driven men who are dedicated to academic success, leadership development, and lifelong friendship.

Our Recruitment Philosophy

Undergraduates are asked to join if they subscribe to our cardinal principles of Virtue, Diligence and Brotherly Love, and have a GPA above a 3.2. SigEp chapters only recruit the most talented undergraduates on campus—men who exhibit the qualities of the Balanced Man Ideal. 

Please contact SigEp's Vice President of Recruitment with any and all questions:

Reed Espy