Balanced Man Program


SigEp’s Balanced Man Program (BMP) provides the structure, support and guidance required for today’s student to fully utilize the 90 percent of college they spend outside of classroom walls.

Based on equal rights and responsibilities for all members, the program’s progressive challenges provide brothers the opportunity to grow and fine-tune skills they can’t get in the classroom. Alumni, volunteers and university faculty and administration serve as mentors in the program, providing accountability and support.

BMP programming helps young brothers strengthen their character. It enables our young men to build leadership and communication skills and develop healthy, lifelong relationships.

The Balanced Man Program is the core of the SigEp experience. Through it, we encourage our brothers to challenge themselves and continuously grow throughout their time in college, focusing on personal, academic, leadership, and professional development.

As the chapter continues to grow, we are building the foundation for a transformative Member Development experience for our brothers. The activities and meetings that make up each challenge have been evolving since our return and will continue to improve as we determine what works most effectively and ways to make the process engaging, fulfilling, and challenging.

SigEp has replaced the typical pledge process with a continuous development program that seeks to grow brothers over their entire membership in the fraternity This takes the form of four different challenges:

BMP Challenges Flow Chart.png

Each challenge is designed to improve brothers in five areas of development: